Dr Jonathan Curtis MBBS, FRACS, Neurosurgeon
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Hospital Admissions - Dr Jonathan Curtis MBBS, FRACS, NeurosurgeonHospital Admissions - Dr Jonathan Curtis MBBS, FRACS, NeurosurgeonHospital Admissions - Dr Jonathan Curtis MBBS, FRACS, Neurosurgeon


Dr Curtis operates at North Shore Private, Northern Beaches, Gosford Private and Royal North Shore hospitals, all of which are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and dedicated neurosurgical staff, providing the highest standard of care for neurosurgical services.

North Shore Private Hospital

North Shore Private Hospital - Dr Jonathan Curtis MBBS, FRACS, Neurosurgeon

North Shore Private Hospital (NSPH) is one of the largest private hospitals in Australia and is co-located on the campus of Royal North Shore Hospital in St Leonards, Sydney. It offers new state-of-the-art integrated theatres, equipped with intra-operative CT machines and angiography facilities, and is also home to one of the highest resolution bi-plane angiogram machines in the country. In addition to the world class, newly renovated operating suites, the hospital boasts a 16 bed ICU staffed by some of the countries' leading neurointensivists and a dedicated 30 bed neurosurgical ward with first-class standards of accommodation. NSPH remains committed to investing in new technology for better patient outcomes. Dr Curtis holds weekly operating lists at this hospital.

North Shore Private Hospital - Dr Jonathan Curtis MBBS, FRACS, NeurosurgeonMap & Directions

Admissions Information

Northern Beaches Hospital

Northern Beaches Hospital - Dr Jonathan Curtis MBBS, FRACS, Neurosurgeon

The new Northern Beaches Hospital in Frenchs Forest has been designed with a focus on technology and efficiency. It boasts the very latest in surgical equipment and infrastructure , with 14 state-of-the-art operating theatres, including a hybrid operating theatre for complex vascular cases. It also has 4 dedicated state-of-the-art procedure rooms for interventional neuroradiological services. As Director of Neurosurgical services and a local himself, Dr Curtis is fully committed to seeing an excellent neurosurgical service well established, that provides more convenient access to quality neurosurgical care for patients throughout the Northern Beaches. Operating has commenced with much success, with focus on both simple and complex spine including anterior cervical discectomy, posterior lumbar and cervical fusion surgery and lumbar dynamic stabilization. In the near future, cranial neurosurgery will also be available.

Northern Beaches Hospital - Dr Jonathan Curtis MBBS, FRACS, NeurosurgeonMap & Directions

Gosford Private Hospital

Gosford Private Hospital - Dr Jonathan Curtis MBBS, FRACS, Neurosurgeon

Gosford Private Hospital is the largest private hospital on the Central Coast of NSW and the first to offer neurosurgical services in this area. With highly experienced operative staff, state-of-the-art equipment such as a Jacksons Table for spinal cases, 24 hour on-site medical cover, a 4 bed intensive care unit and the support of collaborating specialists, Gosford Private Hospital offers excellent neurosurgical treatment for those living on the Central Coast. It also offers value service to those considering a self-insured hospital admission. Dr Curtis holds regular monthly operating lists at this hospital.

Gosford Private Hospital - Dr Jonathan Curtis MBBS, FRACS, NeurosurgeonMap & Directions

Royal North Shore Hospital

Royal North Shore Hospital - Dr Jonathan Curtis MBBS, FRACS, Neurosurgeon

Royal North Shore Hospital (RNSH) is a major public teaching hospital based in St Leonards Sydney, servicing the Sydney Medical School at the University of Sydney. It is the referral hospital for Northern Sydney and the Central Coast, accommodating 17% of the NSW population. The hospital is a leading research and trauma centre and is home to the new Kolling Institute of Medical Research. In order to maintain its role as a health care leader in Australia, the hospital is currently undergoing total redevelopment, with the largest budget given in the history of NSW Health. RNSH has a long tradition of cerebrovascular and interventional neurosurgery and continues to be at the forefront of technology. Dr Curtis holds fortnightly operating lists at RNSH which accommodate emergency cases and those on his elective waiting list.

Royal North Shore Hospital - Dr Jonathan Curtis MBBS, FRACS, NeurosurgeonMap & Directions

Preparing for Surgery

Patient Information SheetsPatient Information Sheets

Specific information sheets detailing various surgical procedures are available from reception and may be of interest to you in preparing for your surgery.


Please contact our office for a fee estimate for elective surgery. We also encourage you to check the details with your Health Fund as soon as possible, to ensure you have adequate cover with regards to hospital accommodation, theatre usage and prostheses costs.

Pre-Admission Clinic

Dr Curtis may require you to attend a Pre-Admission Clinic at your admitting hospital. Pre-admission clinic is particularly helpful for patients with complex medical backgrounds or social situations, requiring significant pre-op or post-op care. For patients attending North Shore Private Hospital, you are required to make a booking directly with the Clinic, prior to your admission. Please call 02 8425 3949. Complimentary parking is available for pre-admission clinic patients in the express parking area, ground floor adjacent to the multi-storey carpark. Patients attending North Gosford Private or Royal North Shore Hospital will be contacted by the hospital admitting staff with a booking time.

Admission and Fasting Details

The day before your planned admission, between 4 and 8 p.m., you will be contacted by the hospital admission team to confirm your specific admission details, including fasting instructions. In general, you will fast for a minimum of 6 hours prior to your surgery.

Patients are either admitted the day before or the day of surgery, depending on whether pre-op tests or scans need to be carried out, or for logistic reasons (e.g. out of town patients). Day of surgery admission is common for uncomplicated patients having relatively simple procedures.

Most patients having brain / cranial surgery will require planning scans the day before surgery. These are usually booked at around 4 pm, following your admission around 3pm, the day before surgery. Other pre-op tests may include blood tests, an ECG or chest X-ray and may be done the morning of surgery. The anaesthetist will generally review all patients upon admission, prior to surgery.

Bring Your Imaging

Please do not forget to BRING ALL FILMS with you to hospital (hard copy films and report), whether or not you are scheduled to have further imaging done the day before surgery. If Dr Curtis does not have the appropriate imaging to assist him during surgery, your case may have to be postponed to another operative list. It is your responsibility to collect any films that are being held in our Rooms, prior to your admission.


Please ensure that you have fully informed Dr Curtis if you take any blood thinning medication (eg Aspirin, Astrix, Cartia, Plavix, Nurofen, Iscover, Warfarin, Coumadin, any anti-inflammatories, Gingko etc) as this type of medication will usually have to be ceased up to one week prior to surgery to avoid excessive bleeding during surgery. It is very important that you carefully follow Dr Curtis' instructions regarding when to stop taking these medications prior to your procedure. In some circumstances, Dr Curtis will ask you to start a particular medication prior to your procedure (e.g. for stenting procedures ). If uncertain about any of these instructions or if you forget to follow the instructions, please contact our office immediately. Although fasting, other regular medication can be taken as usual on the morning of your procedure with a small sip of water.

Following Surgery

Follow-up with Dr Curtis

A postoperative visit in Dr Curtis' Greenwich or North Gosford rooms is usually arranged by hospital staff on behalf of private patients prior to discharge. This is usually around the 4 to 6 week mark for operative patients. For angiogram patients, this appointment is usually organised around 1 to 2 weeks following the procedure and a booking for this is usually arranged at the time of your initial procedure booking.

Follow-up for public patients discharged from the Royal North Shore Hospital is organised with the Neurosurgical Outpatients Clinic prior to discharge.

Follow-up with your GP

Your G.P. is your first port of call regarding general postoperative care, including pain relief, wound review, suture removal and general monitoring of medication. Please book an early post-operative visit with your GP as directed by Dr Curtis (usually within 8-12 days for patients having spinal surgery or within 10-14 days for those having brain surgery). Your GP is welcome to discuss any concerns with Dr Curtis at any point. If there are any concerns with wound healing, or development of new severe pain or new neurological symptoms (e.g. weakness, numbness or pins and needles), please contact our rooms immediately on (02) 9460 9216 or present to your nearest Emergency Department.

Specific Post Procedure Information

Procedure specific patient information sheets are available from reception.

Near-by Accommodation

Two hotels are within walking distance to Dr Curtis' consulting rooms and the North Shore hospital campuses: the Urban Hotel and the Greenwich Inn. Please mention your visit is hospital related when booking with the hotels to receive a special discount. A more exhaustive list of nearby accommodation options is listed on the NSPH website. Click here to access.
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